Weekly Workouts

    weekly workouts

    Happy Monday! I’m sitting on the couch right now writing up today’s Weekly Workouts post before heading off to class and then work. It’s my last day of work until the 25th so I’m really excited about that. I spent the weekend working (both days); the upside is that I don’t have to work during the week but the downside is that Matt doesn’t work weekends and we can’t really do anything. Blah.

    Anyway… I do have some exciting plans for the week! Matt and I made reservations for Girl & The Goat for Wednesday so we’ll be going there for the first time! If you don’t know: Stephanie Izard (the executive chef) was the first female to ever win Top Chef on Bravo. She also competed on, and won, the Iron Chef Gauntlet last year. So… we’re really excited! And! Megan is coming home for a long weekend so I made sure to have at least one weekend day off.

    I posted last week about my 30 days of paleo experiment. Today is day 7 and while there were some very conscious non-paleo decisions (like the pizza I had on Thursday night), everything is going really well. My workouts for the last week have been pretty solid and I saw considerable weight-loss on the scale this weekend. Of course, some of the weight loss was water/bloating but a pound lost is a pound closer to my goal!

    Speaking of workouts, let’s get to my weekly workouts! I think Matt and I are going to get Planet Fitness memberships because there’s a new location less than a 5 minute walk from our apartment. It’ll be perfect for those days I don’t have class or don’t feel like working out before/after class (I use the university gym since it’s part of my fees) and Matt won’t have to go all the way to Ravenswood for the LA Fitness.

    weekly workouts:

    • Sunday: Rest day
    • Monday: Rest day, day 2! I had a busy day and really didn’t have time to fit in a workout. Unless I wanted to get up at 5AM which just wasn’t gonna happen.
    • Tuesday: 3mi
    • Wednesday: 5mi + upper body workout. I had such a great run on Wednesday!!! It was relatively warm and sunny and I was just feeling so good! I told myself, “self, you just have to make it to North Ave Beach,” so I did… and then I turned around and instead of running the whole way home, I stopped and smelled the roses (or all the dog sh-t – PEOPLE! PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOGS!)
      • 4×10 assisted pull-ups + negatives
      • 3×12 lat pull downs
      • 3×10 bent over rows
      • SS 3×10 bicep curls + tricep extensions
    • Thursday: 3mi
    • Friday: 4mi + lower body workout
      • I used the Nike Training Club app for today’s workout! I spent the afternoon in class + did not want to go to the gym. I specifically used the workout pictured below – I 10/10 recommend the Nike app! There are tons of FREE workouts for beginners to experts. And best of all? Lots of the workouts require little to NO equipment, which is great for apartment dwellers like me.
    • Saturday: I decided to use Saturday as my rest day this week since I didn’t want to have a rest day 2 days in a row (Sunday + Monday).

    And that’s it for today, folks. Catch you all on Wednesday with my tips to avoid a dieting disaster 😉