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Running Recap: Week 16 & 17 – TAPER TIME!

Running Recap: Week 16 & 17 – TAPER TIME!

Before we start, my prayers go out to everyone in and effected by the attack on Las Vegas late Sunday evening. My sister was in Orlando for a training when the Pulse shooting happened and I remember how terrified my family and I were when we didn’t hear from her right away. I cannot even fathom going to a concert, having a ton of fun, only to be running for cover and safety.


Can. You. Believe. It?! I am a week away from the Chicago Marathon. A week!! Well, actually 6 days, so not quite a week. But I have almost no training left which is awesome! And so scary. Like, do I feel ready? Not really. Am I ready? We’ll find out soon. (I think so.) I’m in my final WEEK of training which means TAPER TIME! And not a whole lot of running. Well, just not as much as the last 3.5 months. So let’s get on to my Running Recap for Week 16 & 17, shall we?

We shall.

Week 16 Running Recap:
  • Monday: easy 5 miles & my body hated me after my 16er the day before. I had a MASSIVE blister in the arch of my foot. Actually, it was 2 blisters. YEAH. So although I popped them before the run, my foot was still bothering me but I got over it real quick.
  • Tuesday: easy 5 miles
  • Wednesday: No run
  • Thursday: Easy 5
  • Friday: Easy 5
  • Saturday: Easy 8
  • Sunday: Long 10 – and with that! It’s my last double-digit run until the marathon. How-freakin-crazy is that?! Really crazy!!

Total mileage: 38 miles

Week 17 Running recap:
  • Monday: No Run
  • Tuesday: 5 mi
  • Wednesday: No run
  • Thursday: 5 mi – before the week began, I fully intended to do this run on Wednesday so I could sit on my butt all of Thursday evening for Grey’s & HTGAWM but for some reason, I decided rest day on Wednesday would be best. Well, I was VERYWRONG! It took us 2 hours to get home so I ran from ~6:30PM-7:30PM (aka DARK!)
  • Friday: 5 mi
  • Saturday: 6 mi
  • Sunday: 5 mi

Total mileage: 26 miles

And that’s all she wrote, folks. Next week, I’ll recap my final week of training & do a separate post on the marathon itself. I am a bundle of nerves: excited for my first 26.2 and also – so, so nervous to run that far and that long.


Running Recap

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends! I’ll be sharing a Running Recap instead of my usual Wellness Wednesday because life got in the way this weekend/earlier this week. IT HAPPENS. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from blogging it’s that I absolutely need to draft my posts earlier than the night before 😉

Anyway, today’s running recap is all about my peak week! Ahh! The marathon is so soon! I have 3 weeks of “training” left but really, I’m just ramping down the mileage in order to get my body (and mind!) rested for the big day.

I’m running the Chicago Marathon for Action for Healthy Kids this year. AFHK is a non-profit organization that works with low-income schools to provide healthy meals (breakfast and lunch) and equipment for physical activity. Nutrition and physical activity are so important to a child’s development so raising money for AFHK is very important to me. If you’d like to donate to my race, please follow this link. I appreciate you so much!

And now: the running recap!

As I said above, this was my peak week. I have never run so many miles in one week! It is crazy what the body can do. I’ll fully admit that I am pretty tired this week so I’m glad the mileage is decreasing the next few weeks. It’s not a lot but every little bit helps.

  • Monday: easy 7
  • Tuesday: easy 5
  • Wednesday: restrunning recap
  • Thursday: easy 5 – Was a beautiful night for running. I managed to snap a cool picture of Lake Michigan at sunset!
  • Friday: easy 6
  • Saturday: easy 6 – I hit the road pretty early this morning because the temperatures were going to get up to the high 70s/low 80s and sunny so I wanted to avoid all of that nonsense. The trail was full of other runners & running groups getting in their last long run before the marathon. The trail was crowded but it was cool to see!
  • Sunday: 16 miles – honestly, I was feeling pretty good for a majority of this run. I headed south on the lakefront trail and was debating just going for 18 but it started to downpour just before I hit the halfway mark (at Soldier Field) so I didn’t push it any further. So, I ran around Soldier and headed home. Since it was getting darker out, Matt met me (after finishing his run) with a bottle of water to walk me home. How sweet!
Total mileage: 57 miles (including my warm-up & cool-down running – otherwise 45)

I also finally incorporated some post-run yoga! It’s not an everyday thing but… it helps!  The running + sitting in a desk all day is really taking its toll on my body. I’ve just been doing some short Yoga with Adriene videos and while 8 minutes might not seem like a lot, I can really feel a difference afterwards!

And that’s all we’ve got for this week! We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming next week 😉 I’ve also got another fun fall recipe coming for ya!

Running Recap – Week 14!

HO BOY. I’ve officially got less than a month until the marathon! AHH! How crazy?! I have had some good runs lately which is really encouraging! I’ll be talking alllll about them in the Running Recap below! Before we get into that, if you’re feeling generous, I’d so appreciate it if you would donate to my race!

Running Recap:
  • Monday: Long 16 miles (yes, really). So according to my training plan, I was supposed to do this run on Sunday but with Megan being home and having plans Sunday afternoon, I figured pushing the 16-miler off until Monday was best for everyone. I say everyone because I’m typically cranky (dehydrated, tired) after every half-marathon I’ve done and I figured this would be no different. I was right and wrong – I experimented with my Camelbak Charm (which I love, by the way!) and my ClifBloks Energy Chews! I don’t think I’ll be wearing the backpack during the race because the course will have water every 1.5-2 miles. Because of this, that’s how often I drank from the CamelBak! As for the energy chews, I decided to bring 1 pack (of 6 chews) and have 2 chews every 40-45 minutes which was great because I had some extra energy every 4ish miles. I feel like this strategy was very successful. Although the run itself was challenging, I felt pretty good for the most part!
  • Tuesday: Easy 6
  • Wednesday: No run
  • Thursday: Easy 5
  • Friday: Easy 6
  • Saturday: Easy 6
  • Sunday: Long 12 – Another experiment but this time, I didn’t bring my CamelBak with me 🙁 I began to regret that decision when, at about 6 miles, I was so thirsty and stopping at the water fountain was more of a pain than a pleasure.

Total Mileage: 51 miles! Uh… can I get a WHAT WHAT! (what what). Definitely feeling all that mileage today! But the race is THISCLOSE and I’m feeling pretty okay about things now 😉

And that’s it for this week! ONLY 4 WEEKS UNTIL THE MARATHON!


Running Recap: Week 13

Oh, the dreaded Monday night after a 3-day weekend. 3-day weekends are both a blessing and a curse; for starters, you have 3(!!) days off of work + a 4-day work week. But then the weekends still don’t feel long enough. Like, I need another day just to recover from my days off. And my run from yesterday which is not going to be in this weeks Running Recap.

I… don’t have a whole lot to say today. I’m currently lounging in bed, (finally) watching the Gilmore Girls reboot waiting for some laundry to dry. It was a very busy weekend and I’m in desperate need to decompress and ~chill. Anyway, on to the running:

  • Monday: easy 5 miles
  • Tuesday: 3x2mi, 400m recovery – these interval/strength training runs are definitely getting more challenging. I am finding it difficult to keep up the same pace and intensity for the entirety of the interval and the amount of intervals. Like, running at X pace for 2 miles. Okay, I can do that. But to repeat it 2 more times? It’s definitely a mind game, that’s for sure.
  • Wednesday: No run
  • Thursday: Tempo 8
  • Friday: easy 6 miles
  • Saturday: easy 6 miles
  • Sunday: easy 6 miles in the morning – I knew I needed to get these miles in before I went to my parents house for the day because if I didn’t, they weren’t going to get done. Running in the morning, for me, is so much better than the afternoons/evenings. I love getting the run done to have the rest of the day to do whatever.

Total Mileage: ~38 miles

And that’s all for this week, folks! I am just 4 weeks out! AHH! Scary.


Running Recap: Week 12

Can you believe there’s only 6 more weeks until the marathon?! Because uh, I can’t. I’ll begin this Running Recap by thanking everyone who has donated to my charity run for the Chicago Marathon. If you haven’t donated but are interested, you can follow this link!

Basically, I’m running for Action for Healthy Kids. AFHK helps schools feed their students healthy meals and provide the schools with gym equipment. How cool! I love kids and I believe every child should have access to healthy meals and activity time in school so this felt like the perfect fit!

running recap

Alright, now let’s get on with the Running Recap!

Running Recap: Week 12
  • Monday Easy 5 – I took this run realllly easy after traveling all morning. And I’ll admit, I didn’t have much choice. My body absolutely did not want to cooperate with me today!
  • Tuesday: 4×1.5mi, 400m recovery jog – I’ve definitely realized that I prefer more intervals at shorter distances! But this run was still pleasant because 1.5 miles is still a short distance that I could really push myself to meet the goal times without getting too tired for the rest of the intervals.
  • Wednesday: No run
  • Thursday: 6 miles, tempo
  • Friday: Easy 5
  • Saturday: Easy 6
  • Sunday: Long 10

And I’ll keep it short & sweet for this Monday! See ya on Wednesday for some Wellness Wednesday action 😉

Running Recap: Week 10(!!)

Hey Tuesday, it’s so nice to see ya. Today is like my Thursday because tomorrow after work, Matt and I are off to Seattle until Monday! We. Are. Pumped. We’ve got a short layover in San Francisco and we land at SeaTac around midnight (so, 2AM Chicago time, yikes!). We’ll catch a few hours of zzz’s before we head out to our Air B&B for the weekend. We’re taking some creative liberties with our training plans this weekend (namely, moving our *super* long run to Monday instead of Saturday/Sunday) but we cannot wait to run along the beautiful trails they have to offer. Speaking of running, let’s get to the Running Recap for the past week.

Goodness. Gracious. This week was exhausting. I tried, I really tried to complete every run as prescribed but some days were just too much to handle at the time. Last week was particularly hard and I’m not entirely certain why. Maybe it’s because I’m still settling into a routine after moving? Maybe it’s because the work week seemed hellishly long? Like I said, I’m not sure.

Missing runs, or cutting them short, are obviously not advised in the middle of a training cycle when you’re physically and mentally healthy (more so physically, obviously). I remember reading in Hanson’s that you really should not skip a run unless you’re basically dying. If a pace is too challenging, that’s one thing (s-l-o-w down) but to skip entirely? Not advised. But I needed to change some things around because that’s life and sometimes you just need an extra day off. And that’s exactly what I did.

Running Recap:
  • Monday: Easy 7
  • Tuesday: 4×1200, 400m recovery – once again! My favorite run of the week. These speed workouts really challenge me but I can definitely tell I’m gaining strength and speed because of these runs!
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Off – Sometimes, the extra sleep is necessary.
  • Friday: Easy 9 – Because I took Thursday off, I added a few miles to tonight’s run in an attempt to make up the mileage. This run was super enjoyable, actually. The lakefront trail was pretty empty, up until I got to Oak Street Beach where I saw one of my friends from college! That was cool.
  • Saturday: Easy 8 – eeek! My legs were very tired today. Matt and I took our friend Bethany for brunch and a stroll to the lake/beach. We ended up walking nearly 5 miles so that + run = TIRED LEGS! Also, I got to “see” The Backstreet Boys on Saturday night. They played at Wrigley Field so Matt & I stood outside to listen to the show.
  • Sunday: Easy 7 – I cut this run just a few miles short (was scheduled for 10). Even though I wasn’t feeling the best, I got through most of the miles and made it home in time for GoT. Holllaaa.

Total Mileage: 35 miles. Not bad for skipping a run entirely 😉

I’ve got a few 45-50+ mile weeks coming up here which is just crazy to think about. These next few weeks will definitely challenge me both physically and mentally. It’s going to be super important that I prioritize sleep, rest, recovery and food over pretty much everything else. What are friends, right? Unless they want to come eat all of the pasta with me, I’m antisocial until October 9. Kthxbye.

Running Recap: Week 9

Woaaaaaaah, I’M HALFWAY THERE! That is the theme song to this week. Oh, it is Monday again and time for my weekly Running Recap. Ya know, I feel like there’s only so much I can talk about when it comes to running so today we’re gonna try something new. Instead of just the running recap, you’re gonna get a life update on yours truly 🙂 Before we get on to that, if you feel so inclined, I am running the Chicago Marathon for charity this year and would love your support!

First things first (I’m the realest), since you’re here to read about running: I don’t know if I’ll ever run a marathon again. At least, not while I’m commuting to work and/or working inflexible work hours. It is really-freakin’-hard to get it all done and I applaud those of you who manage to work full-time, commute, have kids, and train. Like, I don’t get how you can do it but CONGRATS, you’re superhuman (to me). I have a cousin who works, has a family, and manages to train for Ironman competitions so, there’s that. Also, I really do not want to spend 3 hours running on a Sunday morning (me, yesterday). Maybe I’m just cranky because I’ve spent the last 2 weekends moving, running, and preparing for the week ahead. Yes, I’m sure that’s it. Like, maybe I just need some time to chill, get a massage, take a nap. Some more ~me time. Gosh, I’m such a millennial.

Next: Game of Thrones. WHAT AN EPISODE. I didn’t even notice it was short. Am I bad fan? I’m not sure. All I’ll say though, because I don’t want to spoil anything, is that my heart was beating a million miles a minute during the last few scenes. Also, if you don’t watch GoT in real time, WHAT IS YOU DOIN? There are so many things I want to talk about but won’t. Speaking of spoilers: I follow a Grey’s Anatomy fan page (lol) and a girl commented complaining about a spoiler from an episode in Season 6! GIRLFRIEND! We are on Season 13 now GET. WITH. THE. PROGRAM. Also, maybe don’t follow a shows fan page if you’re not caught up? Especially when the show has been on forEVER? Just a thought.

And finally, our apartment is starting to come together. We went out this weekend and got some organizational things and the number of boxes left to unpack is finally dwindling down. I have actually just ordered storage bins for under the bed so when those come in, the boxes will be gone and we can start decorating. I didn’t really want to start decorating while we still have boxes to unpack – so messy! Also, Matt ordered a gas grill! We aren’t allowed to have charcoal grills in our outdoor space but propane is kosher. I can’t wait for it to arrive and be able to grill ALL of the things! And and and! It’ll be here on time for the guests we’re having on Saturday, YAY! 🙂

Ugh okay, here’s my Running Recap for the last week:running recap

Can you believe this is what I get to see everyday? Yeah, me neither.

  • Monday: Easy 5 – I was still pretty pooped after moving all weekend but it was definitely good to get out there and shake out my legs.
  • Tuesday: 5x1K, 400m recovery – again, my favorite run of the week. Running 1K is so doable and it’s a nice change of pace (quite literally) from steadily slogging it for over an hour.
  • Wednesday: A much needed and well-deserved day off
  • Thursday: Tempo 8 – honestly, who can do these?! It’s very difficult for me to keep a moderately challenging pace for all 8 miles. I’m good up until 6 and then I just wanna drop off. I managed to relatively maintain, though, so all in all, a decent run.
  • Friday: Easy 6
  • Saturday: Easy 8 – got this run done early on in the day and spent the rest of the day doing apartment things and carb-loading for Sunday morning’s run. Matt and I went to an Italian restaurant and I had an a-MAZ-ing pasta bolognese. Mmm, yes!
  • Sunday: 15 “easy” (ha) miles – yeah, this was not easy in the slightest? I started off pretty decent but was nearly shuffling the last 2-3 miles. What can ya do, ya know? I should’ve worn my water backpack, though. I thought there would be enough water stations on the Lakefront Trail but then I decided to veer off the trail where water stations don’t exist. So, that was dumb! Lesson learned. I did get to experiment with my ClifBloks energy chews and they are fan-freaking-tastic. 10/10 recommend.

Okay! That’s it for this weeks Running Recap! Can you believe it girls? I’m already halfway through. That’s TERRIFYING to me. Ahh!

Running Recap: Week 8

Well, this week definitely did not go as planned. I started off strong and ended… really weak. Like, am I even training for this marathon? I mean, yes, obviously I am but with my training over the last 3 days, or lack thereof, you’d think I wasn’t. Ugh. Let’s talk about my weekend before we get on to the Running Recap. Oh, and I know I haven’t been doing many Kitchen things lately (I mean, that is the name of my blog), but we’ll be back with a recipe later this week!

Matt and I have officially moved into our apartment in the city and I think I love it (for the most part). It is way smaller than we’re used to but it’s not as small as I initially thought, if that makes sense. I was initially worried we wouldn’t be able to fit all of our living room furniture but I was wrong! It all fits nicely and looks great with our TV mounted above the fireplace. Speaking of TV: we had major issues getting our cable and internet hooked up on Saturday. We thought a Comcast technician was going to have to come out and get us set-up (we did the self-install kit but nope! As it turns out, we are just idiots! And we got our cable up and running just in time on Sunday for GoT last night! HURRAY!

Since we didn’t have any groceries on Saturday, we decided on Thai for delivery. Uh, YUM! And more unpacking for dessert. Matt had a bachelor party to go to Saturday night (wtf) so I took him to Gibson’s where he somehow got, like, an $80 meal for free. And I sat at home with no cable or internet. Nice!

Sunday was for more unpacking, cleaning up our old place, and GROCERY SHOPPING. We did all of our shopping near our old townhome because taxes are lower (#allaboutthebenjamins) and ended up leaving quite a few things in the fridge so… that sucks. I’ve got to get that food after work along with our vacuum. Bummer. Oh well, I’ll run and then get the stuff so I’ll miss most of the traffic back to the city. Okay so let’s get on to the Running Recap.

running recap

Running Recap:
  • Monday: easy 6
  • Tuesday: 6x800m repeats (5:00min pace) with 400m recovery between each set. This has actually been my favorite run so far? It went by really quickly, actually, and it’s a nice change of pace from just running straight mileage.
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: 5mi tempo
  • Friday: scheduled for 5; went to the Cubs/Brewers game after work & didn’t get up in time for a morning run!
  • Saturday: scheduled for 6 but didn’t do any due to moving all day 🙁
  • Sunday: 7mi, easy. After a weekend of moving and unpacking, nothing was easy about this run. Couple that with unfamiliarity in the new city and I cut my 10 mile run down to 7 miles. The run itself was challenging but the view of Lake Michigan was great! And there were so many people on the Lakefront Trail doing ~active things. I posted some pictures above of the view 😉

Total Mileage: 22.25 (excluding warm-up and cool-downs)

A low mileage week, for sure, but I’m back on the grind today and no missing any runs! I’ve got my running gear in the car right now so I can get a move on after work J

How was your weekend?!

Running Recap: Week 7 & WE’RE MOVING!

What. A. Week. Life, I think, is already pretty busy with working full-time, this little blog that I’ve been (sadly) neglecting, and marathon training. But this week really ramped it up! My sister Megan and her boyfriend Kyle were in town for a few days (btw that sounds really weird, “my sister Megan,” as if most of you don’t know her) with their new puppy, Clemson! AND Matt and I are moving in 6 DAYS! We’re gonna be CITY SLICKERS. So, we’ve been packing on and off for the last week!


The obligatory puppy tax: mention puppy, post picture of puppy. Lucky you!


Yes, Matt and I are finally making the move to the Big City at the end of this week! We have been talking about moving to Chicago since forever but it was never really the right time. But it’s like, NOW OR NEVER. Right?! Right. It took us, what felt like, forever to find an apartment so when we found one that suited our needs (& budget!), we jumped on it right away! And it is now almost moving day! We haven’t seen the place in over a month so we’re not really sure what to expect but I can tell you this: it has a private patio! YES! And it’s less than 10 minute walk to Wrigley Field and an even shorter walk to Lake Michigan! We really lucked out with this place. I can’t wait to see it (again)!

With all of the craziness going on, I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time in the kitchen but I’m hoping to get something out this week! And since I don’t have a recipe to share, let’s get on with my Running Recap from the last week.

Running Recap:

I mentioned in last weeks Running Recap that the flooding near me got pretty bad but this week was MUCH better. Roads started opening up again and the ginormous sink-hole has been (mostly?) repaired. The trail I like to run on is mostly dry now, but there are parts that are still underwater; I’ve just been hopping the fence and getting on the golf course path and/or going around via the golf course.

  • Monday: 4 miles, easy – by Monday, my legs were crying for something short and sweet!
  • Tuesday: 8x600m with 400m recovery jog – I took this run to the nearby outdoor track and finished up just as track practice was about to get started! I’m awful at reading a track so I set my GPS watch to measure in kilometers and this made it a lot easier for me to keep track of
  • Wednesday: None!
  • Thursday: Ho boy. I was scheduled for 5 tempo miles but it was just no in the cards for me. I did end up having a pretty good run despite not starting my watch for the first ~mile or so AND THEN not realizing my watch was still in kilometers (imagine my surprise when I saw my first “mile” at a 6:00min pace, HA). So, yeah, that was fun!
  • Friday: I had 4 easy miles scheduled but I ended up not doing the run for a variety of reasons… even though I had the day off of work. #LetsNotTalkAboutIt
  • Saturday: 6 easy miles in the books today & they were… actually… easy! Since my legs were fresh from not running on Friday
  • Sunday: 10 “easy” (ha) miles. Quite a few things occurred on this run like getting to wear my CamelBak Charm Hydration Backpack! I am a huge fan! It packs more than enough water for 10 miles and it made the run slightly more bearable. Anyway, about half-way through the run, I decided to attempt to jog through a puddle. I did not realize how deep it was… and that’s how I got gangrene. KIDDING, ugh. But I did suffer major swamp-foot (the foot equivalent of swamp ass) for just under 5 miles. Pleasant. And my right ear bud blew out so I’m on the hunt for some new headphones. I’m thinking these Plantronics because Matt’s a big fan. Other than those two annoyances, it was a good run! I spent the rest of the day feeling rungover (run + hungover) so I definitely need to play around with my intrarun hydration + nutrition.

Total Mileage: 28mi (not including the 400m of recovery between each set on Tuesday)

Running Recap: Week 6

Hello & happy Tuesday evening! I’m a whole day and a half late on my week 6 Running Recap so… sorry about that! My mileage shot up REAL QUICK this past week so I’ve been having a really fun time trying to adjust to that!!! My legs are tired. I’m tired! And it’s only going to get more challenging as I get closer to the marathon.

Speaking of marathon: I’m running for Action For Healthy Kids and my goal is to raise $1,000 for the kids. They are going to be able to do SO MUCH with $1,000! Did you know? With just $25, they can feed a child breakfast in school for 1 month. And $50 can help stock a gym class for the entire year! Wild, right? So help me help the kids! You can donate to my race here!

I fully intended to get this post up Monday morning… and then this morning but… life got in the way. I could make all sorts of excuses like Megan and Kyle were in town, I had errands to run… Really, I got lazy. And then I started to write Sunday night and BOOM! It was 8PM and time for Game of Thrones. So, priorities.

Okay, let’s get back to the Running Recap:

Gurnee suffered some major flooding this week and while, luckily, I was not personally effected, a lot of the city was under water. Because of this, I had to switch up my routes a little bit 🙂 also, for those wondering: the water levels are going down! Roads are opening. Peoples homes are drying out.

flooding running recap

  • Monday: 4 miles, easy
  • Tuesday: 12x400m with 400 recovery
  • Wednesday: No run & THANK GOD FOR THIS! My legs needed the rest like a desert needs the rain (also, does anybody know what song I’m referencing?)
  • Thursday: 5 miles, tempo – it was definitely challenging to pick up the pace a little bit as all of my runs thus far have been an “easy” pace.
  • Friday: 4 miles, easy
  • Saturday: 8 miles, easy
  • Sunday: 8 miles, easy and um, there was nothing easy about this run! My legs were pretty tired and in desperate need for a break. I know that it will pay off come October 8 but in the meantime… I need a massage! And food! Lots of food.
Total Mileage: 32 miles

Well, that’s everything for week 6! Week 7 will be on time. PROMISE! I’m trying this new thing where I write a little bit everyday so that all I need to do on Sunday is edit and schedule! Come on, Erin, YOU CAN DO IT.

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