Gym Bag Essentials

Can I take a minute and complain about how freaking cold it is? Like, I never want to leave my apartment. And if I do, I want to take my car wherever I can. But living in the city is not conducive to driving a car. I mean, I usually have to walk to my car, take 15 minutes to drive 2 miles, find parking, and then spend all of 5 minutes running my errand only to make the 15-minute journey back home to find a parking spot near my apartment.


So, when I’m home, I’m home. And that means I have to get all my sh*t done on my one trip out of the apartment. Because once I’m home, I’m home.

Because of this, I like to pack a gym bag full of my workout necessities. I can run my errands, go to work, whatever, and then workout and come home. And never leave again. (Until the next day.) I thought I’d share my winter gym bag essentials for days when you know you won’t make it to the gym if you stop at home first 😉

Gym Bag Essentials

Body Wipes – Some days, a full on shower right after a workout isn’t always possible. But if you’re busy – running errands, going to class, or maybe going back to work – ya gotta smell and feel fresh, right? There is nothing worse than knowing you just worked out and smelling like it, too. I like to keep a pack of these Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths in my car and/or gym bag so that I can at least wipe down after a workout. They smell pretty and don’t feel sticky so that’s a win in my book. They help me feel fresh enough until I can get home for a full shower.

Dry Shampoo – Along with some body wipes, dry shampoo is a must. I like to use Living Proof Dry Shampoo or Batiste Dry Shampoo because both products make my hair look and feel clean until my next washing. I got this next tip from reading a Kate Hudson interview a long, long time ago –  if you have access to a blow-dryer, spray your hair with dry shampoo and then quickly blow out your hair. Your hair will be dry, duh, but it’ll also look shiny and freshly style (instead of in a ponytail for the last hour).

Mini Blow-Dryer – Speaking of a blowout, why not invest in a mini blow-dryer? I got one of these amika mini dryers for Christmas this year and it’s either in my gym bag or in my suitcase. This lil package comes with 2 attachments: a concentrator and a diffuser. So, whether you’ve got the time to shower or you’re using dry shampoo, you’ve always got a handy blow-dryer!

Tinted Moisturizer – I am not a makeup queen. I hate wearing makeup. But I also hate that I occasionally have some acne and leftover acne scarring so I don’t like to leave the house without a little something-something on my face. This Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer is perfect. The last thing I wanna do after a sweat ses

sion is cake my face full of makeup so a light, tinted moisturizer is the perfect solution. It’s light, oil-free, and has enough

coverage to help me feel confident in my own skin. And bonus?! This moisturizer in particular is SPF 20 so you’re

getting some protection from the sun, too 😉

Ponytail it – When all else fails, or you truly don’t have the time to freshen up your hair after a workout, ponytail it. I keep a package of Scunci Ponytails in my gym bag so I can always throw my hair back into a ponytail, bun, or my personal fav: a french braid.


Nike Running Tights – Full length running tights are my go-to gym bag essentials in the winter because I’ll have the option to run at the gym comfortably or outside without freezing my ankles off. I have several pairs of Nike running tights and they’ve all stood the test of time – and the washing


Nike Breathe Running Tank – I always keep a tank in my bag because they’re excellent for layering. If I’m running outside, I’ll throw on a quarter zip. Working out at the gym? I’ll peel back the layers as I warm-up.

DryFit Half-Zip – These half-zips are my go-to ride-or-die and I have like, 10 of them in my dresser right now. I can wear them without anything underneath or they’re perfect for layering!

A Sports Bra – Because who likes working out in a regular bra?!

I also always keep an extra pair of underwear and socks in my gym bag.

Bluetooth Headphones – I’m not quite sure how I went this long without bluetooth headphones but they’re a god-send. I no longer have to spend 2 minutes untangling my headphone cords. I love listening to my favorite playlists while I workout!


What are your gym bag essentials?!

gym bag essentials