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Running Recap: Marathon Training Wk1

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Running Recap: Marathon Training Wk 1 - Kilroy's Kitchen
Running Recap: Marathon Training Wk1

Hellohellohellohello to my favorite corner of the internet. Really, if you’re reading this, I APPRECIATE YOU. And maybe you can share this little website with your friends… if you please. (insert facebook, twitter, and instagram links here). I’m now going to present to you: the VERY FIRST RUNNING RECAP of for the 2017 Chicago Marathon.

I have decided to post these Running Recaps on Wednesday’s since they are my day-off from running. After much deliberation and research, I have settled on the Beginners Marathon of Hanson’s Marathon Method! The first five weeks of the plan are going to be slightly modified as I was already running more mileage than the plan calls for. So, that’s kinda cool, right?

Why I Chose Hanson:

So, I’m still struggling with this decision but I have to stick with it. Every other marathon plan I saw has runners completing a 20-miler, whereas Hanson’s plan… does not! Hanson’s plan has their runners running up to 6 days a week and eventually working their way up to several 16-milers. It sounds crazy, I know, to not run a 20-mile run before the marathon. But the concept of “cumulative fatigue” (running your long runs after 3-days of running) really sticks out to me and it is definitely something I can get behind. After reading the book and tons of reviews, I feel mostly confident in this marathon plan!


Running Recap: 6/5-6/14

This weeks Running Recap will contain two extra days since it’s been like … 9 days(?) since I last shared my training with you all.

  • Monday, 6/5: No run but I went to the gym for an upper body workout
  • Tuesday, 6/6: 5 easy miles scheduled for today and I took full advantage of the easy designation since I was still pretty sore from the half on June 4.
  • Wednesday, 6/7: Again, no run scheduled but I went to the gym for a lower body workout and to stretch things OUT! It felt goodgoodGOOD and made me want to get into yoga. Or at least the on-demand videos πŸ˜‰
  • Thursday, 6/8: 3 easy miles
  • Friday, 6/9: 3 easy miles & a trip to the gym for another upper body workout
  • Saturday, 6/10: No run
  • Sunday, 6/11: 5 easy miles & boy, oh boy, was it HOT OUT! It was like the 3rd or 4th day in a row of temperatures above 80F! I got reaaaal nice & shweaty
  • Monday, 6/12: No run
  • Tuesday, 6/13: 5 easy miles, completed before work! The “real feel” temperature on Tuesday was over 80F and that + the sun = a big no-no for afternoon/evening running. I set my alarm for 4:30AM, got up, did the damn thang, and then got ready for work! I had all of my Fitbit steps (if I had one, RIP until the mail comes – also s/o Fitbit customer service!) done before 10AM πŸ˜‰ 430 wake up call
  • Wednesday, 6/14: No run

And das it! Training this past week = so far, so good. I have z-e-r-o complaints but I’m thinking that will all change once I start hitting higher mileage weeks! Stay tuned for my running recap next week! And if you enjoy reading these, here are a few from my most recent Half Marathon:Β here,Β here, andΒ here!

  • Madeline says:

    I used Hanson’s training plan for my first marathon, too! I was very pleased with my results on a tough course (3:45) and was able to stay injury-free throughout the whole training cycle! I hope you have a great time during the process–it’s truly amazing what the body is capable of.

    • says:

      That’s so reassuring to hear! And that is a great time – congrats on that!

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