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Running Recap: Week 12

Can you believe there’s only 6 more weeks until the marathon?! Because uh, I can’t. I’ll begin this Running Recap by thanking everyone who has donated to my charity run for the Chicago Marathon. If you haven’t donated but are interested, you can follow this link!

Basically, I’m running for Action for Healthy Kids. AFHK helps schools feed their students healthy meals and provide the schools with gym equipment. How cool! I love kids and I believe every child should have access to healthy meals and activity time in school so this felt like the perfect fit!

running recap

Alright, now let’s get on with the Running Recap!

Running Recap: Week 12
  • Monday Easy 5 – I took this run realllly easy after traveling all morning. And I’ll admit, I didn’t have much choice. My body absolutely did not want to cooperate with me today!
  • Tuesday: 4×1.5mi, 400m recovery jog – I’ve definitely realized that I prefer more intervals at shorter distances! But this run was still pleasant because 1.5 miles is still a short distance that I could really push myself to meet the goal times without getting too tired for the rest of the intervals.
  • Wednesday: No run
  • Thursday: 6 miles, tempo
  • Friday: Easy 5
  • Saturday: Easy 6
  • Sunday: Long 10

And I’ll keep it short & sweet for this Monday! See ya on Wednesday for some Wellness Wednesday action ๐Ÿ˜‰