My Top 5 Running Safety Tips

Goooood morning & happy Tuesday to all you beautiful people. Last week was quite a doozy for me – 4-day weeks are amazing but Monday-Thursday weeks > Tuesday-Friday weeks. Thursday and Friday seemed to drag on and on and I even let out an exasperated “finally” once the clock hit 4:30 Friday. BYE! Anyway, we are well into November so I’ve got a few shortened weeks coming up soon! Can’t wait! Speaking of November: November is National Running Safety Month.

National Running Safety Month. That’s a thing. Who knew? Not me. But I love it because running + safety = a good time for all. And today’s post couldn’t come  at a better time because, at least in my neck of the woods, it’s dark (or getting dark) most of the day. Thanks, daylight savings + living in the Midwest 🤗

Anyway, here are my Top 5 Running Safety Tips!

Run in a well-lit area:

Running in a well-lit area is a given for anytime you’re running in the dark or during the sunset. Forest preserves are notoriously bad for not having lights (don’t want to disturb the nature) so if you’re used to trail-running, stick to running on the sidewalks. If your area is not well lit…

Lights and/or headlamps:

If you can’t run in a well-lit area (or maybe you don’t have sidewalks to run on), lights and headlamps are a God-send. I have a running headlamp just like this one and clip on LED lights that are light enough to clip on to my pants, top, or headband. You can get both for under $30! Lights are a necessity in the dark so that you can not only see where you’re going, but so others can see you as well.

If it’s not quite dark enough for lights or headlamps, reflective gear is always a good choice. I like to buy tops and bottoms with reflective strips already part of the garment but you can also buy reflective strips. Race expos are a good place to get them for free but you can get them on Amazon here.

running safety

Run with a friend

Having a running partner or group is one of the safest ways to run – if one of you falls, there’s at least one other person there to help you out! And you’re less likely to be confronted when running with a partner or a group. If you’re in the Chicago area, here’s a good list of running clubs!

If you can’t run with a friend, be sure to let at least one person know where you’re going and about when you’ll be back. I like to share my location (since I run with my phone) with a few friends and family members at all times.

Money, ID, transit card, phone

Carrying things while you run can be a pain in the ass but I never run without my phone, license, a credit card, and my Ventra (public transit) card. If I fall and get hurt, I’ll call Matt to come pick me up. If I get abducted or hit by a car, I’ve got identifying information on me. I bring my Ventra card in case I need to get home ASAP but I’m 8 miles away. And regarding the credit card… you never know when you’ll need some extra cash!

Alternate plans:

Sometimes, life throws ya a curveball and you’ve got to alter your plans. Bad weather, darkness, or maybe even crime can force you to change your plans. Sometimes, you might have to push your run in to the next day. And other days, you’ll have to suck it up and hit the treadmill. While it sucks to exchange the open road for the treadmill, sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do.

And those are my Top 5 Running Safety Tips! Have a happy (and safe!) winter running season!