Weekly Workouts + What I Ate

Goooood morning + happy Monday! I have been pretty silent on this here blog for a little while (my last post was over 10 days ago! – Yikes!) due to a mixture of busyness + laziness, mostly. Excuses, excuses. Anyway! I’ve only got 5 more workdays until a 3-day Christmas weekend, and 2 4-day weeks in a row. Yes, #blessed. I suppose that’s one of the only perks about working for a large company – PTO + paid company holidays. Anyway, since I’ve been gone for a while, why don’t I fill y’all in?!

Florida Trip:

2 weekends ago, I was in sunny Florida! And now I’m back in gloomy Chicago. Hurray for the next 6 months of cloudy skies and minimal sunshine. Blah. Anyway, it was really good to get away for a weekend and check out the condo my parents (dad + Lynn) bought back in the summer. It is AMAZING and has so many amenities. I already can’t wait to go back 🙂 And bonus? We went to Tommy Bahama for dinner and it was delicious!

I had the Mango Chicken Salad (and a spicy margarita) and cannot wait to replicate it at home. The flavors all just worked together: goat cheese, mango, grilled chicken, and greens.

Week Recap:

The rest of the week was just a-ok. Eat, sleep, work, workout, repeat. We stopped at Old Orchard on our way home from work on Monday evening because the snow was bad and Matt needed to return a few things at J Crew. 

Matt + I started off the weekend Friday night by grabbing a takeout dinner from Andy’s Thai Kitchen which was nothing short of delicious. He got crispy pork belly with rice and mushrooms while I ventured away from my usual Pad Thai and opted for Basil Chicken Fried Rice – AMAZING. I 10/10 recommend. I got up bright and early Saturday morning to pick up my grandparents so we could head out to Caitlin’s graduation. That is, until, she fell walking out of the house and sprained her ankle. Poor sista 🙁 So, instead of making the trip up to Kenosha, I hung out with my grandparents for a few hours.

I had to babysit Saturday night so Matt + I got our grocery shopping done Saturday morning. Matt has been wanting to make shredded short rib tacos so he got those going in the crockpot before we went out for our runs. When we got home, our apartment smelled AMAZING! I can’t wait to share the recipe he’s concocted with you all. Patience, my friends, patience. After we ate dinner, I laid around for a while until I had to be at the family’s house.

On Sunday, I slept until 9:15. WHAT. Apparently, not going to sleep until after midnight + taking a NyQuil will do that to ya. Yea, so I felt pretty great that morning. Sunday was really slow and easy for us since we got most of our errands out of the way on Saturday. We did have to venture downtown so Matt could return something at adidas and SuitSupply but instead of coming straight home, we got off the bus at the Lincoln Park Zoo for Zoo Lights(!) and Pizza Grinder.

Weekly Workouts:
  • Sunday: my ankle was still bothering me while in Florida so I went to the club gym for a quick lil workout that I don’t remember. Oh whale.
  • Monday: No workout
  • Tuesday: No run but we went to the gym after work for a back workout.
    • 4×12 lat pulldowns
    • 4×12 seated rows
    • 3×10 unweighted hyperextension
    • 4×10 dumbbell bicep curls
    • Core works: planks, twists, roll-outs
  • Wednesday: No run, once again, but I did 30 Days of Yoga Day 4 on Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube Channel. My back, specifically my ‘boids, has been feeling extra tight lately (yay, #desklife) and this video is amazing for loosening up all those muscles back (ha) there. I also love it because it’s only 20 minutes!
  • Thursday: 25 minute run on lunch
  • Friday: 25 minute run on lunch
  • Saturday: 3 miles along the lakefront
What I Ate in a Day:

After a weekend in Florida, and overindulging a little bit (drinks at dinner, some desserts, snacks during the Bears game), I really needed to reign it in. I was feeling slow and sluggish for a good portion of the week. So, I stuck to mostly lean proteins, grains, and vegetables this week. And vitamins. Can’t forget the vitamins! Lately, I’ve been taking a Vitamin D3 Supplement, Fish Oil, a multivitamin, and Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins. I get the unflavored collagen and while it’s not entirely unflavored (I won’t drink it with plain water), it’s practically tasteless in coffee. My favorite way to take the collagen is with some Crystal Light – YUM!

I started off pretty early on Saturday morning because I had to pick up my grandparents before going to Caitlin’s graduation. Caitlin, unfortunately, sprained her ankle and went to the ER instead of walking at graduation (poor sista) so… I didn’t go either. All I had for breakfast that morning was a banana and a #TreatYoself coffee from Dunkin.

When I got home, I wasn’t very hungry so I just had a small cheese quesadilla before my run. #Hearty!

Dinner Saturday night was shredded short rib tacos with cilantro and onion (avocado slices for Matt). While babysitting, I had some pretzels for a snack.

And that’s all for today, folks! Check back next week for my weekly workouts + daily eats. And coming this Friday: a cookie made exclusively for Christmas 😉