Foodie Gift Guide

    Tis the season for giving and all, right? I love Christmastime, with all of the lights and trees and wrapped gifts. Speaking of gifts, shopping for them can be hard. I like to think I’m a thoughtful person but when it comes to gift-giving, I just fall flat. So I look to gift guides around this time of year and draw inspiration from them. And today, I’m sharing my first holiday gift guide of the season with a Foodie Gift Guide!

    These are gifts that I, as someone who loves making and eating good food, would love. Some of the items on today’s guide may already be in my kitchen and some are items I’ve got my eye on (and likely won’t buy – yet – since my kitchen is so small).

    Foodie Gift Guide:


    Kitchenaid Stand Mixer // I got one of this mixers a few years ago and while I don’t pull it out of the cupboard as I’d like, I’m so glad to have it in my arsenal of kitchen tools. What I love most about my Kitchenaid is that it’s so versatile as is: I can make enough dough for 5-6 dozen cookies one day and then the next, I can shred cooked chicken for another recipe. Once you have the mixer, you can be several attachments and make a million recipes:like this pasta roller attachment for homemade pasta, or this shredder attachment so you never had to shred cheese or vegetables by hand again (or buy in the store)!

    Pizza Stone // Because who doesn’t love pizza? If you’re a pizza fanatic like me, you’ll use your pizza stone to cook your pizza to crispy perfection! You can use this pizza stone on the grill, in the oven, or with homemade or frozen pizza!

    Chemex Coffee Maker // This Chemex Coffee Maker has made such a beautiful addition to my kitchen. I can make both hot and cold coffee with it and it comes out so smooth and creamy without any additives. I’ve been using a
    Reusable Chemex Filter for my day-to-day coffee and the coffee comes out great.  Although, I would not object to having these paper Chemex Coffee Filters on hand for entertaining.

    Moscow Mule Mugs // Moscow Mules are my new favorite drinks. If I want a cocktail and there’s a mule on the menu, you can bet I’m ordering it. I never heard of mules until my sister Megan’s boyfriend Kyle got these mugs for Christmas 2 years ago. I’ve lived a sheltered life. Anyway, in my next life (or home), I’ll have an in-home bar with these mugs.

    Wood Cutting Board // If you hadn’t already noticed, I’m all about functionality. I want my kitchen “tools” to be useful in more ways than one. This wood cutting board can be used as, duh, a cutting board but it’s so much more than that. I was in an apartment recently and this cutting board was out on their counter as a piece of decor – beautiful! And even better? You can use this board as a serving piece when you have guests – charcuterie is all the rage right now and your nuts, meats, cheeses, and spreads would look great on this cutting board.

    Cooking Classes // I have been dying to go to an Eataly cooking class. Pizza, pasta, cheese, yum! If you’ve got an Eataly near you > GO! If you don’t, I’ve heard that the cooking classes at Sur La Table are really good, too.

    And there we have it, folks – my Foodie Gift Guide for the 2017 holiday season: COMPLETE! If you’ve got a foodie in yo’ life, any of these ideas would make an excellent gift 🙂

    Stay tuned next week for my take on a Fitness Gift Guide for women!