February Update

HEY, fancy seeing you here. Thanks for checking out my February Update.

Yeah, it’s been a while (over a month)!! I have a lot going on and at the same time… nothing going on. I promise, pinky swear, I’m going to get better at this. I have some fun thangs turning in my head right now. I moved web hosts and am still working on getting this site finalized and the way I want it so please bear with me and if there are any issues – LET ME KNOW! I’m still learning. Hm… I accepted a job offer as for a corporate wellness position(!) and I am so excited to start that in a few weeks now. More on that once I actually start the job 😉

Death to Macbook

My Macbook and I have parted ways after 8 years together. Ol’ Faithful died: hard-drive crashed, internal screen stopped responding, and a few other things. Apple said they could fix it but 1) I’d have to buy the parts elsewhere as Apple no longer sells them for my ~vintage~ laptop and 2) it would’ve been a band-aid fix and I would’ve needed a new laptop ASAP anyway. So… luckily, there was a spare, unused, practically new laptop sitting at my parents. It is now MINE! YEAH. I’m very happy about that because I would’ve ended up buying another Mac & spending $1,000+ and why do that when I can get on FO’ FREE?!

New News:

In other news: I’ve signed up for a spring half and the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle to get my butt in gear for marathon training. Sooo along with that, it’s high time I get my diet back in check. That means more fruits and vegetables and less… crap. Earlier this week, I prepped a tray of roasted veggies: onion, carrots, purple sweet potatoes (you read that right, purple!), broccoli, and brussels sprouts. Between Matt and I, we had enough veggies for 3 dinners (each!) + 2 lunches for Matt. And I gotta tell ya… those veggies were GOOD. In order to keep them healthy, I just chopped and tossed them in a bowl with 2T olive oil and salt+pepper and baked them in a 350F oven for 30-40 minutes. EASY PEASY.

OOH. Speaking of running: I’m trying to book my flights to/from Boston for Marathon weekend but HOLY COW WHY ARE THEY ALL SO EXPENSIVE? Ugh. Well, I don’t have a recipe for y’all today (unless you count my basicAF vegetable prep) but I do have some pictures to share:

Also… Kyle is me at a party #noshame in my housewives game:

And that’s all I’ve got for this February Update! Let’s hope I don’t have to do one of these again.