Friday Favorites!

Can we all have a moment of silence for today? It’s Friday. It’s nearly the weekend. The weather is beautiful. Okay. It’s actually really freakin’ hot! But it’s June and here in Chicago, we’re lucky to get above freezing from November-March. I’ll take it. Anyway, today’s a more personal post – I’m sharing some of my favorite things this week with…

Friday Favorites!

All Thangs Grilled:

Yes, like many of you, I love to grill my food. There are few things better than that charred taste on your chicken or burgers. Sure, baking your chicken or cooking your burgers over the stove-top will do in a pinch but if I can get outside, I’m going to be grilling. Like last week, I made these Grilled Chicken Gyros and they were TO DIE FOR! I’ve also been grilling all sorts of veggies: asparagus, Brussels sprouts, corn, and I WILL be attempting grilled fruit this summer. MARK MY WORDS.

Energy Chews:

I LOVE these Clif Bloks – Energy Chews. They’re basically just fruit snacks… for athletes! Okay, really, they’re just gummies but they are S-O-O-O-O GOOD. Some flavors have caffeine and they contain a good amount of sodium. Which is, you know, peRFECT for long-distance runs since you must maintain your electrolyte balancus,e to keep movin (and prevent headaches, vomiting, fatigue). It doesn’t hurt that these are juicier than Welch’s fruit snacks 😉


Yeah, yeah, Fitbit has been around for quite some time now. BUT do you know how amazing their customer service is?! My Fitbit Alta band broke recently and all I had to do was web chat with one of their service reps & they sent me a new one – no charge! And what’s even better: I didn’t buy it from Fitbit, I’m pretty sure I got it from Dick’s or Sports Authority (RIP). I was without my dear friend for only 4 days but I felt so naked without it! RE

Summer Storms

So, the past 2 weeks or so have been unbelievably HOT in Northern Illinois. Like, +85F during the day with a real feel of over 90F! AND WHAT’S MORE: I heard the pool stayed open late TWICE this week because of the temperature + crowd at the time. CRAZY, RIGHT?! Well, the middle of this week brought some sweet release in the form of a terrifying thunderstorm. Around 2PM on Wednesday, the sun disappeared and the sky got REALLY dark and it stormed on and off for several hours. WELL the storm brought a nice break from the sweltering temps… until Thursday afternoon and we were back at +90F! Hurray!storm brewing - friday favorites


Podcasts are like… my new favorite thing. So, I know that everybody and their mother has been listening to podcasts for a few years now. I am not one of those people. Matt, along with probably a bunch of other people, listens to podcasts when he runs. I have ALWAYS needed to listen to music during a workout but lately… music just isn’t cutting it for me. I find myself flipping through the playlist. I’ve heard podcasts are also great for car-rides. Again, I like music! But times they are a-changin’ because I’ve been listening to podcasts ALL WEEK! I actually got into podcasts after listening to Watch What Crappens! It’s a play on Andy Cohen’s Bravo Show “Watch What Happens” and it’s as amazing as it sounds. I find myself literally laughing out loud at my desk (sorry, boss). So, yeah. podcasts are definitely top of my Friday Favorites this week!

sunrise - friday favorites

And that’s it for today’s post!! I do have a few questions for you!

What are your favorite things this week?!

Do you have any favorite podcasts?!

What are your plans for this weekend?