Life Lately: October 2017

Hello all of you beautiful people! It has been a hot-freakin-minute since I last talked to you all. Like, over 2 weeks (I think? I haven’t gone back to see the date of my last post – lazy). And that’s a long time for somebody who loves to overshare and talk about herself! Truth be told, I’ve been suffering some severe creative block. I don’t consider myself a very creative person at all BUT this blog + cooking = somewhat creative. And I just haven’t had the energy or creative juices flowing to get this show on the road! So, I’m sorry for that my friends. I know you’ve missed me.

Today we’re gonna talk a little bit about the marathon and then a little bit of What’s Next? for me now that the marathon is over. Ready to dive in? Let’s get into my Life Lately.

Marathon Talk

If you’ve been out of the loop or if you’ve just been a bad friend (you know who you are), I ran the Chicago Marathon on October 8. Well, I didn’t run the whole thing because I didn’t finish. I got injured towards the halfway point and ended up dropping the race around mile 16 L It’s been disappointing, for sure, because I trained for months and for what? It sucks.

life lately

HOWEVER – I definitely plan on running the 2018 race… assuming I get in through the lottery! I had so much fun in the week leading up to the race + race day itself (minus the injury) that I realized I need to give it another go. And I am. Hurray! Well, assuming I get in through the lottery. If I don’t… I may give fundraising another go but I will likely just find another big-city marathon to enter. So, that’s on the agenda for the next year.

What’s Next?

Hmm, what is next for me? LOTS OF THINGS. Let’s break it up by department, shall we?

  • Food: I have so many fun recipes planned! I’ll be testing them throughout the next few weeks and sharing them as I go along. Breakfast? Check. Dessert? Duh. Holiday recipes? Of course. I’ve even got a vegan recipe lined up. Say whaaat.
  • Fitness: Since the marathon is over, I have more time for other fitness thangz! I’m going to keep up with the running (duh) but I am also getting back into lifting – finally! My long lost love. I also cannot wait to incorporate some new things like regular yoga + some Orangetheory!
  • Fun: Matt & I have a really fun trip planned – my first trip to NYC – in November! Matt’s brother is running the NYC Marathon and we’re going with him to check out the city & eat all of the food. Our first thing on the agenda? Pizza. Can it compare to Chicago-style? We’ll see. And bagels. NYC bagels + deli counters. And touristy things like: Central Park, the Friends apartment, 9/11 Memorial, the Plaza (I love Gossip Girl, okay?). I’m really hoping to have a NYC Housewives Run-In, too – preferably Dorinda, Lu, or Bethenny but I’d be cool with Ramona or Carole.

And that’s what’s up with my life lately. HOW IS YOUR LIFE? What are you doing? ANYTHING FUN?!