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13.1 & Done: North Shore Half-Marathon

Boy, oh boy. Sunday was a literal blur for a good portion of the day. I spent most of the day on the couch in my parents basement or on the backyard lounge chairs, attempting to nurse my running hangover. Or maybe it was heat exhaustion? I’m sure everyone at the half-marathon yesterday felt the same way by the end of the race: happy for it to be OVER.

And let me just preface this post by saying: I generally like the half-marathon distance.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a beautiful race. The homes in Highland Park and its surrounding north shore suburbs are beautiful and right on Lake Michigan. And here’s a fun fact! The course was in the same neighborhood as Cam’s house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I knew those ravines looked familiar. CLASSIC.

But the beautiful homes and seeing Lake Michigan could not distract from the awfulness that was the weather. I mean, the weather would’ve been perfect… if you were spending the day on a boat. Or in the house with the AC pumping. Kidding, kidding. Anyway, here’s my take on the 2017 North Shore Half-Marathon

2017 North Shore Half-Marathon

  • Miles 1-3: Up until the 5K point, I was taking it easy. Matt was told there would be rolling hills and I didn’t want to start out too hard so I didn’t. The first water stop was in the middle of mile 2 so I made sure to stop and grab some water. It was just before 8AM and the heat was already rising!
  • Miles 3-6: I started to get a nasty blister in my arch, presumably from the rolling hills. I thought I did a good job of mixing up the terrain in my training (a little bit of road running, some trails, some small hills) but nothing could compare to these hills!
  • Mile 7: First, there’s an extreme downhill. At the bottom of the downhill, there’s a beach! And Lake Michigan! And I wanted to keep running straight into the water to cool off. But I kept to the course only to find an extreme up-hill! I walked. I read long ago to walk the up-hills if you need to – don’t risk an injury.
The End:
  • Miles 8-12: While miles 1-7 were fairly shaded, albeit warm, miles 8-12 were out in the blazing sun. Just an open neighborhood with no cover! The only thing that kept me going was a spectator who saw me start to slow down towards the mile 12 marker. He told me there was only a mile and a half left and to keep going! So I did my best to turn my shuffle to a jog.
  • Mile 13: I ran into Matt as I was nearing the finish line & he ran with me until I reached the 13th mile and then he told me to SPRINT the last 0.1 miles. Well, I definitely tried!

All in all, I think it was a pretty good race. The weather was definitely not favorable but the course itself was beautiful and I managed to PR with a time of 2:26 and some seconds. It’s not my all-time half-marathon PR but it is definitely a recent PR ๐Ÿ™‚

The After:

Matt and I went to pick-up a dozen donuts from Gurnee Donuts because #WEEARNEDTHIS. Although, I did not have much of an appetite and had a raging headache so I just had one donut and went to my parents house to nap by the lake.

gurnee donuts

Later on in the evening I, along with Matt, Caitlin, and Thomas, met my mom for dinner at O’Tooles. I still didn’t have much of an appetite but I ate what I could: quite a few tortilla chips with guacamole and their Michigan Ave Salad. Matt and I were supposed to have steaks but we were both so exhausted that we pushed those until last night.

steak dinner



    1. Thanks Lisa! It was definitely tough but I’m ready to start training for the next race!

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