NYC Recap 2017

Friends! Can you believe it’s already Thursday? It feels like a Wednesday to me! 4-day work weeks – such a blessing! If only every work week was 4-days long. Maybe one day. Anyway, I’m back from NYC and as you’ve noticed, I skipped my Weekly Workouts post because there wasn’t any working out going on in NYC. Nope, I didn’t lace up my gym shoes ONCE. I mean, we walked a lot (like, 5+ miles every day) but our AirBnB wasn’t in an ideal location (lack of parks, maybe not in the best neighborhood) so we decided against running.

NYC was… overwhelming, amazing, massive, and not really what I expected. To be honest, I don’t know what I expected. It is so much bigger than Chicago and I don’t fully understand why there are 5 boroughs within the city. Like, why can’t the boroughs just be their own city? That makes more sense to me. And we didn’t have enough time to see everything I wanted to see! So I guess that means we’ll have to go back? And this time we’ll go once the Christmas lights are up because I am D-Y-I-N-G to see the decorations! But let’s talk about my first trip to NYC in my NYC Recap!


Once we landed, we headed straight for the apartment to drop off our stuff so we could begin exploring. We got on the Subway headed for Time’s Square and our first stop: a real New York slice of pizza (bigger than my head)! And um, NY pizza lives up to the hype. We decided to split a piece (who does that) and have “real food” for dinner at an overly-expensive but pretty tasty “speak-easy” style restaurant.

After we finished up, we walked up and down the streets before heading to Central Park. Central Park is, in one word, amazing. I am shocked that it is so close to the busiest streets but you wouldn’t be able to tell, if not for the giant skyscrapers lighting up the night. I learned that Central Park has an ice skating rink, volleyball courts, sports fields, and even a zoo inside! Matt and I walked around for a bit before deciding we needed dessert which ended up being a huge mistake. We went to highly-rated Momofuku and got their soft-serve which, apparently, they’re famous for. It was disgusting and I 0/10 do not recommend it unless you like the taste of stale cereal milk.


The first stop on Saturday morning was Best Bagel & Coffee. We waited in line for (I think) 30 minutes for, quite literally, the best bagel sandwich I’ve ever had. The everything bagels had the perfect amount of salt (I love a salty bagel) and the cheese was so ooey-gooey-melty. Will I ever consume something so delicious again? I don’t think so. After bagels, we went to the marathon expo so Matt’s brother could pick up his packet, bib, and shirt. An expo is an expo – nothing too exciting there.

After the expo, we walked along the High Line which is like, this amazing walkway/park in the middle of Manhattan. The views + seeing the (expensive) apartments along the way was a definite high (ha) point! We finished up our walk and got on the subway towards the 9/11 Memorial. Although we didn’t have time to see all (or most) of the sights I wanted to see, seeing the 9/11 Memorial was at the very top of my list. Like most Americans with a memory of that day, everything just came into the forefront of my mind: what happened, seeing it on TV, the emotions, the following years.

Dinner on Saturday was at this super cute, really small, Italian restaurant (Il Brigante) in South Street Seaport followed by delicious ice cream at Van Leeuwin Ice Cream! OMG, YUM!


We got to sleep in a little bit on Sunday morning since the marathon didn’t start until 9:50 so we left the apartment around 9 to watch Matt’s brother in Brooklyn before catching the subway to Manhattan to watch him there, too! It was… a lot! Lots of walking, and walking fast, and the weather was crappy so, not the best day. But his brother did great and after the race, we all went home for a nap before dinner.

Sunday dinner was at a small Mediterranean restaurant in Brooklyn and then a walk up to and along the Brooklyn Bridge. I don’t even have the words to describe how beautiful it was but all I can say is that night time + Brooklyn Bridge = a must-do.


And then it was time to go home but before we did, we went over to Matt’s great aunt’s house out in Flushing Queens ad OMG I was just shocked. Her house is HUGE and not at all what I expected in NYC (see above: why aren’t the boroughs their own cities?)!

Aaaaand that’s my NYC Recap! My agenda for this weekend is way more low-key with some cooking (new recipes for the blog!), some running, some Christmas decorating (no, it’s not too early!), and lots of sleeping.