Chicago Marathon 2017/Weekly Workouts

Running Recap: Week 10(!!)

Hey Tuesday, it’s so nice to see ya. Today is like my Thursday because tomorrow after work, Matt and I are off to Seattle until Monday! We. Are. Pumped. We’ve got a short layover in San Francisco and we land at SeaTac around midnight (so, 2AM Chicago time, yikes!). We’ll catch a few hours of zzz’s before we head out to our Air B&B for the weekend. We’re taking some creative liberties with our training plans this weekend (namely, moving our *super* long run to Monday instead of Saturday/Sunday) but we cannot wait to run along the beautiful trails they have to offer. Speaking of running, let’s get to the Running Recap for the past week.

Goodness. Gracious. This week was exhausting. I tried, I really tried to complete every run as prescribed but some days were just too much to handle at the time. Last week was particularly hard and I’m not entirely certain why. Maybe it’s because I’m still settling into a routine after moving? Maybe it’s because the work week seemed hellishly long? Like I said, I’m not sure.

Missing runs, or cutting them short, are obviously not advised in the middle of a training cycle when you’re physically and mentally healthy (more so physically, obviously). I remember reading in Hanson’s that you really should not skip a run unless you’re basically dying. If a pace is too challenging, that’s one thing (s-l-o-w down) but to skip entirely? Not advised. But I needed to change some things around because that’s life and sometimes you just need an extra day off. And that’s exactly what I did.

Running Recap:
  • Monday: Easy 7
  • Tuesday: 4×1200, 400m recovery – once again! My favorite run of the week. These speed workouts really challenge me but I can definitely tell I’m gaining strength and speed because of these runs!
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Off – Sometimes, the extra sleep is necessary.
  • Friday: Easy 9 – Because I took Thursday off, I added a few miles to tonight’s run in an attempt to make up the mileage. This run was super enjoyable, actually. The lakefront trail was pretty empty, up until I got to Oak Street Beach where I saw one of my friends from college! That was cool.
  • Saturday: Easy 8 – eeek! My legs were very tired today. Matt and I took our friend Bethany for brunch and a stroll to the lake/beach. We ended up walking nearly 5 miles so that + run = TIRED LEGS! Also, I got to “see” The Backstreet Boys on Saturday night. They played at Wrigley Field so Matt & I stood outside to listen to the show.
  • Sunday: Easy 7 – I cut this run just a few miles short (was scheduled for 10). Even though I wasn’t feeling the best, I got through most of the miles and made it home in time for GoT. Holllaaa.

Total Mileage: 35 miles. Not bad for skipping a run entirely 😉

I’ve got a few 45-50+ mile weeks coming up here which is just crazy to think about. These next few weeks will definitely challenge me both physically and mentally. It’s going to be super important that I prioritize sleep, rest, recovery and food over pretty much everything else. What are friends, right? Unless they want to come eat all of the pasta with me, I’m antisocial until October 9. Kthxbye.