Running Recap: Week 11


So running seems to be all I’ talking about nowadays. Let’s… take a break from that! Instead of a full-on Running Recap this week, let’s do a Weekend Recap and I’ll tell you all about my long weekend in Seattle! I’ll get to the actual Running Recap later on but first: SEATTLE.

Pre-Seattle Running Recap:
  • Monday: Easy 5mi
  • Tuesday: 6x1mi, 400m recovery – again, FAVORITE RUN OF THE WEEK!
Seattle Running Recap:
  • Wednesday: Matt & I left work at 4 and made it to our gate with literal minutes to spare. Who knew there’d be traffic at that time? Yeah, not us apparently. And neither did the super obnoxious guy behind us going through security. This. Fricken. Guy. He was such a turd! He ended up “helping” us get through security 1) when we didn’t need help and 2) it’s not like he got through security any faster, he was just obnoxious and rude. I was THISCLOSE to smacking him but I’m glad I didn’t because he was actually on our flight, YAY! Anyway, we made our flight and had a quickish layover in San Francisco before finally getting off to Seattle!
  • Thursday: we grabbed a quick breakfast, explored the city a bit, and then went in for a short nap. It’s vacation, right? Right. After the nap, we went for a run (4 for me) along the lakefront and went to go grab dinner down by the pier(s?), but it was crowded AF everywhere! So we had an okay dinner at this Vietnamese restaurant; it was okay because our waiter forgot about us (we were the only ones outside) and they gave Matt the completely wrong order… lol
  • Friday: THE BEST DAY! We went to Mt Rainier and hiked 6+ miles (so, no run). We actually just typed “Mount Rainier” into our GPS and ol’ Siri brought us to a campground and not the ~Paradise entrance (which is the big tourist entrance from Seattle). It ended up being great, even though we couldn’t get a souvenir(!), because there were no crowds and we got to see a lake! And a spray park! And had a great view of the mountain (my first mountain)!… I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. After our long hike, we got Italian for dinner and ice cream in Queen Anne! I’ll admit (hi, Matt!) that I was super cranky walking to Queen Anne because I was exhausted from the hike but the ice cream + the view of Seattle at night from Kerry Park made the walk worth it! I also got to see the Intern House from Grey’s Anatomy!

  • Saturday: Matt & I got up to get a run (6 miles) in along the lakefront while ~Hempfest was setting up for the day. Matt is really interested in seeing college campuses so we went out to UW for the morning and had brunch at a trendy brunch spot that had a fruit and whipped cream bar (yum!). After brunch, we walked/biked around Lake Union which was beautiful. For dinner, we hopped on the ferry to Bainbridge Island for pizza and some more ice cream!
  • Sunday: After a long few days, we took it easy on Sunday (no run) and explored downtown a little more. We got an early dinner so we could watch Game of Thrones when it became available on HBOGo (since our AirBnB host doesn’t have HBO!). WHAT AN EPISODE! The finale and next season is going to be GREAT. Can’t wait. Our flight wasn’t until 12:45AM PST so we got to the airport around 10:45 and finally landed around 7AM CST. Red eye = never again, thanks!

Totale Mileage: 21 miles (yikes!)

And now we’re down to 7 weeks until the marathon! How nerve-wracking. I’ll be back tomorrow for some Wellness Wednesday and later on this week with an actual recipe! Food! On a food blog! How revolutionary.