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Running Recap: Marathon Training Week 2

Hello, hello my dear FRIENDS. Thanks for stopping by for another Running Recap! This week I went through it ALL during my runs: rain, wind, extreme heat and sun, mud. I guess the only weather I’m missing is a snow or ice storm but it’s mid-June and that shouldn’t be happening here. Key word: shouldn’t. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So last week I told you allll about why I chose Hanson’s Marathon Method and all I have to say at this point: so far, so good! I am still in the “building up” phase of the beginner’s program so it hasn’t been too challenging yet… except for the SCORCHING TEMPS LAST WEEK! But you can read all about my thoughts on that below! First! Some eats from the last week:

BBQ Sandwich

TJ Greek Yog

BBQ Chicken

First on the list: some major yolk porn! A sweet potato hash with kale, bacon & EGG. Yum. Next we’ve got a pulled BBQ Chicken sandwich from a food truck in the corporate park my company is in! And lastly, my new favorite things: black raspberry Greek yogurt (drools) & some more BBQ chicken with sweet potato fries & brussels sprouts with, you guessed it, BACON. Okay okay, on to the running recap. FINALLY. I know.

running recap sun

Running Recap:
  • Thursday: Easy 5 – And can I just tell you, that when the temperature is over 90F, there is nothing easy about 5 miles? I actually took a few minutes to break and re-group midway through this run. Nothing felt okay but I did feel pretty good about just finishing the run. Because that meant I could chug some Gatorade and LAY DOWN until morning!
  • Friday: Easy 3 – I was still feeling sluggish from Thursday’s run but 3 miles comes and goes so quickly now that I barely feel it.
  • Saturday: Easy 4 – Saturday was, luckily, not super hot! When I actually did my run, the weather was fairly pleasant! These shorter runs (3-5 miles) are starting to feel um… fun?! What?! Yeah. TALK ABOUT #PERSEVERANCE!
  • Sunday: Easy 6 – I fully intended to run in the morning, before all of the Father’s Day shenanigans but… sleeping in and watching TV just felt right.
  • Monday: No run today but I did go to the gym for a 30ish minute leg workout. I wasn’t feeling too sore but about halfway through Tuesday, my hammies started to feel the burn (s/o stiff-legs) ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Tuesday: Easy 5 – The temperatures have REALLY cooled down (okay, it’s like 74 – much nicer than 90!) so that makes for some fairly pleasant running! I actually woke up early Tuesday morning, fully intending to go for a run, and then when I saw that the afternoon temps were going to be A-O-KAY, I decided to push it until after work. AND BOY AM I GLAD I DID! The weather was P E R F E C T & the run felt good ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Wednesday: None