Chicago Marathon

Running Recap: Week 7 & WE’RE MOVING!

What. A. Week. Life, I think, is already pretty busy with working full-time, this little blog that I’ve been (sadly) neglecting, and marathon training. But this week really ramped it up! My sister Megan and her boyfriend Kyle were in town for a few days (btw that sounds really weird, “my sister Megan,” as if most of you don’t know her) with their new puppy, Clemson! AND Matt and I are moving in 6 DAYS! We’re gonna be CITY SLICKERS. So, we’ve been packing on and off for the last week!


The obligatory puppy tax: mention puppy, post picture of puppy. Lucky you!


Yes, Matt and I are finally making the move to the Big City at the end of this week! We have been talking about moving to Chicago since forever but it was never really the right time. But it’s like, NOW OR NEVER. Right?! Right. It took us, what felt like, forever to find an apartment so when we found one that suited our needs (& budget!), we jumped on it right away! And it is now almost moving day! We haven’t seen the place in over a month so we’re not really sure what to expect but I can tell you this: it has a private patio! YES! And it’s less than 10 minute walk to Wrigley Field and an even shorter walk to Lake Michigan! We really lucked out with this place. I can’t wait to see it (again)!

With all of the craziness going on, I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time in the kitchen but I’m hoping to get something out this week! And since I don’t have a recipe to share, let’s get on with my Running Recap from the last week.

Running Recap:

I mentioned in last weeks Running Recap that the flooding near me got pretty bad but this week was MUCH better. Roads started opening up again and the ginormous sink-hole has been (mostly?) repaired. The trail I like to run on is mostly dry now, but there are parts that are still underwater; I’ve just been hopping the fence and getting on the golf course path and/or going around via the golf course.

  • Monday: 4 miles, easy – by Monday, my legs were crying for something short and sweet!
  • Tuesday: 8x600m with 400m recovery jog – I took this run to the nearby outdoor track and finished up just as track practice was about to get started! I’m awful at reading a track so I set my GPS watch to measure in kilometers and this made it a lot easier for me to keep track of
  • Wednesday: None!
  • Thursday: Ho boy. I was scheduled for 5 tempo miles but it was just no in the cards for me. I did end up having a pretty good run despite not starting my watch for the first ~mile or so AND THEN not realizing my watch was still in kilometers (imagine my surprise when I saw my first “mile” at a 6:00min pace, HA). So, yeah, that was fun!
  • Friday: I had 4 easy miles scheduled but I ended up not doing the run for a variety of reasons… even though I had the day off of work. #LetsNotTalkAboutIt
  • Saturday: 6 easy miles in the books today & they were… actually… easy! Since my legs were fresh from not running on Friday
  • Sunday: 10 “easy” (ha) miles. Quite a few things occurred on this run like getting to wear my CamelBak Charm Hydration Backpack! I am a huge fan! It packs more than enough water for 10 miles and it made the run slightly more bearable. Anyway, about half-way through the run, I decided to attempt to jog through a puddle. I did not realize how deep it was… and that’s how I got gangrene. KIDDING, ugh. But I did suffer major swamp-foot (the foot equivalent of swamp ass) for just under 5 miles. Pleasant. And my right ear bud blew out so I’m on the hunt for some new headphones. I’m thinking these Plantronics because Matt’s a big fan. Other than those two annoyances, it was a good run! I spent the rest of the day feeling rungover (run + hungover) so I definitely need to play around with my intrarun hydration + nutrition.

Total Mileage: 28mi (not including the 400m of recovery between each set on Tuesday)