Chicago Marathon 2017/Weekly Workouts

Running Recap: Week 8

Well, this week definitely did not go as planned. I started off strong and ended… really weak. Like, am I even training for this marathon? I mean, yes, obviously I am but with my training over the last 3 days, or lack thereof, you’d think I wasn’t. Ugh. Let’s talk about my weekend before we get on to the Running Recap. Oh, and I know I haven’t been doing many Kitchen things lately (I mean, that is the name of my blog), but we’ll be back with a recipe later this week!

Matt and I have officially moved into our apartment in the city and I think I love it (for the most part). It is way smaller than we’re used to but it’s not as small as I initially thought, if that makes sense. I was initially worried we wouldn’t be able to fit all of our living room furniture but I was wrong! It all fits nicely and looks great with our TV mounted above the fireplace. Speaking of TV: we had major issues getting our cable and internet hooked up on Saturday. We thought a Comcast technician was going to have to come out and get us set-up (we did the self-install kit but nope! As it turns out, we are just idiots! And we got our cable up and running just in time on Sunday for GoT last night! HURRAY!

Since we didn’t have any groceries on Saturday, we decided on Thai for delivery. Uh, YUM! And more unpacking for dessert. Matt had a bachelor party to go to Saturday night (wtf) so I took him to Gibson’s where he somehow got, like, an $80 meal for free. And I sat at home with no cable or internet. Nice!

Sunday was for more unpacking, cleaning up our old place, and GROCERY SHOPPING. We did all of our shopping near our old townhome because taxes are lower (#allaboutthebenjamins) and ended up leaving quite a few things in the fridge so… that sucks. I’ve got to get that food after work along with our vacuum. Bummer. Oh well, I’ll run and then get the stuff so I’ll miss most of the traffic back to the city. Okay so let’s get on to the Running Recap.

running recap

Running Recap:
  • Monday: easy 6
  • Tuesday: 6x800m repeats (5:00min pace) with 400m recovery between each set. This has actually been my favorite run so far? It went by really quickly, actually, and it’s a nice change of pace from just running straight mileage.
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: 5mi tempo
  • Friday: scheduled for 5; went to the Cubs/Brewers game after work & didn’t get up in time for a morning run!
  • Saturday: scheduled for 6 but didn’t do any due to moving all day 🙁
  • Sunday: 7mi, easy. After a weekend of moving and unpacking, nothing was easy about this run. Couple that with unfamiliarity in the new city and I cut my 10 mile run down to 7 miles. The run itself was challenging but the view of Lake Michigan was great! And there were so many people on the Lakefront Trail doing ~active things. I posted some pictures above of the view 😉

Total Mileage: 22.25 (excluding warm-up and cool-downs)

A low mileage week, for sure, but I’m back on the grind today and no missing any runs! I’ve got my running gear in the car right now so I can get a move on after work J

How was your weekend?!