Meal Prep Sunday: Feb 19-25

ckWELCOME. Today I’ll be recapping my very first venture into Meal Prep! I’ve decided to try prepping and planning most of my meals in advance because I value my sleep in the mornings, working out & catching up on my shows in the evening, and I just really suck at making nutritious choices when I’m hungry (holla if I’m not alone here). Luckily for me, my new workplace has a cafeteria with healthier options but $$$. So here we are.

My plan is for the work-week ONLY as Matt and I usually figure out weekend meals together; sometimes we’ll make something elaborate and other times we’ll order takeout. I’m not including breakfasts here because that’s an easy one for me: oatmeal, protein shake (with milk!), some kind of fruit.


  • Snacks:
    • Mixed nuts 
    • Fruit (whatever’s cheapest at the store: blueberries, strawberries, bananas, clementines, grapes)
    • 1/2PB&J for between work & the gym
    • Protein bars
    • Hard boiled eggs
  • Lunches:
    • Grilled chicken salads with a mixture of toppings OR leftovers from the night before
    • Fruit
    • Greek yogurt
  • Dinners:
    • Monday: Chicken burrito bowls
    • Tuesday: Rosemary chicken with red potatoes & roasted veggies
    • Wednesday: Leftovers from earlier in the week
    • Thursday: Chicken teriyaki stir-fry & rice
    • Friday: Chicken picatta with pasta & side salad


So the very first thing Matt and I did yesterday morning was head to the grocery store and pick-up some necessities: vegetables, fruits, yogurt, bread, etc. Basically, everything we’d need (that we don’t already have) for a successful week. Since we did a big Sam’s Club trip recently and I did a grocery trip on Thursday, we didn’t need much.

Once we got home, Matt was off to study for an exam this week and I washed, chopped, and baked our vegetables. While the vegetables were baking, I washed and cut a few cartons of strawberries to make for an easy grab-and-go snack or lunch item during the week. This was also the time I put together the bulk of my salads for Monday-Wednesday (greens, shredded carrots, sliced red onion, walnuts).

Once the vegetables were done, I got started on the next phase of the meal prep: hard-boiled eggs! While those were going, I completed some new-hire paperwork (borRRRring but necessary). So now that the fruits, vegetables, my salads, and eggs were done for the week, all I had left were the meats!  Including the trip to the grocery store, the bulk of this weeks prep took less than 3 hours.

After a break and a bike ride, we eventually got back to it and cooked up some chicken for the week – mostly as a salad topper but it would also be good with just the roasted vegetables if need be! What I really like to do is slice the chicken while it’s still warm (but not hot!) because it’s easier to work with. Even better: use a pizza cutter!


Sunday’s meal prep took a lot longer than I expected but I think the more I do it, the more efficient I’ll be at it! I also think that I’ll break up grocery shopping and actually preparing everything into two separate days. Side note: does anybody else struggle to spell “separate” ?! I DO. EVERY TIME. Okay. Anyway. I am SO GLAD I don’t have to worry about “what’s for dinner” this week or buying lunch in the cafeteria. All I’ll have to do when I get home in the evenings is do some assembly work + heating but dinner should be under 30 minutes! And… while I LOOoOoVE cooking… I get so dang tired at the end of the day so ya know… the less I have to do, THE BETTA. And there we have: MEAL PREP. (how many times can I say meal prep?! MEAL PREP MEAL PREP MEAL PREP)



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