Weekly Workouts

Training Log: May 15-May 21

Hello my fellow runner-lover-friends. Welcome to my Training Log for the week of May 15-21! 12 days til the half-marathon, WOO! I’m excited to really get into the nitty gritty of the marathon training. I say this now before training officially begins but I can promise you I’ll be singing a different tune come weekends in August when I’m trying to run a 15+ miler in the heat.

Anyway, on to the training portion of today’s post:

Training Log:
  • Monday: No run scheduled
  • Tuesday: 5 miles @ easy
  • Wednesday: 5 miles @ RP
  • Thursday: Well… I had 5 miles scheduled but pushed to Friday since Thursday had awful weather ๐Ÿ™
  • Friday: 5 miles @ easy
  • Saturday: No run scheduled BUT I did sign-up for a gym membership (again) and did my first full gym workout in like… two months. I felt great during the workout but the next morning? My chest was S-O-R-E. Pro-tip: DON’T SKIP THE GYM!
  • Sunday: 10 miles @ long – I was scheduled for 12 but was having major stomach issues throughout the entire run and decided to stop just a few miles short. It kinda sucks because I was thisclose to finishing the run but man, oh man, THE ISSUES I WAS HAVING. I’ll say no more.RS Water

Total Mileage: 25 miles

And now we taper. And eat. Also, can we talk about all of the refrigerated pasta options at the grocery store? I had no idea what to pick! I went with Spinach & Ricotta and Proscuitto & Cheese. WE LOVE CHEESE OVA HERE. Who doesn’t, though, let’s be real.


Nutrition Log:

Ho boy. This week was relatively good for the most part. I got to the weekend and ran into stomach issues due to some slight overeating and not getting enough of the good stuff. Ya know, like vegetables.

Matt and I went to the mall on Saturday afternoon and for some crazy reason, we decided that getting Blaze Pizza was a good idea. Normally, we LOVE Blaze. It is SO GOOD. It’s like, Chipotle but for pizza. Anyway. It was a terrible idea that day. Matt ran a half on Sunday and I had my long-run scheduled so that + greasy pizza = not a pretty sight. We lived. We learned. That will not be happening again.

I mean, I was suffering like severe heartburn during my long-run. And I felt a pizza hangover all day. So I decided to get back on the wagon (not that I really fell off but…), and prepared some healthy and delicious foods for this week like: EGG WHITE FRITTATA CUPS and a shrimp & turkey sausage dish (both of which I’ll be sharing). I also took the easy way out for dinner last night and tore apart a store-bought rotisserie chicken, frozen broccoli, and 90-second quinoa and brown rice. DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS, NO EFFORT.

And that’s all I’ve got for this weeks Training Log. Tune in next week for the FINAL North Shore HM Training Log! You can view my last few training logs here, here, here, and here.