Weekly Workouts

Training Log, Weekend Recap & Wear Your Sunscreen!

Hi everyone! Welcome back. If you’ve already tried the egg-white muffins from my previous post, let me know how you like them! If you haven’t, click here to view the post. And now, the previous weeks training log &the long weekend!

MDW on Chain

Training Log:

I’m officially in my last week of training for my Half on Sunday so this week will be easy, breezy! And next week officially starts my first week of Marathon Training. EEK! I’m gonna be switching things up for Marathon Training (ie: updating more regularly, in real-time) so stay tuned for that! And below I’ve got last weeks log:

  • Monday: 3miles
  • Tuesday: 2miles + gym = I ran to the gym today! It was actually really nice because Matt picked me up on the way home from his gym ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Wednesday: 5miles
  • Thursday: No run
  • Friday: 3.5miles + gym – I ran these miles on the treadmill for my first treadmill run in MONTHS! I should have done the run outside because treadmill + any distance over 3 miles = my version of hell.
  • Saturday: 8mi, easy. It was my last “long” run of my training and I was scheduled to keep it slow and easy. Well, after being outside for a little over 90 minutes (and not wearing any sunscreen, oops), I was a LOBSTAH. The run itself was okay; it was my first run over 5mi in +70F temps + the blistering sun so water stops were necessary. Luckily, I run along a golf course and snatched a few cups of water along the way ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Sunday: No run! Spent the day at my parents for Caitlin’s birthday! 23 WOO!

Total mileage: 16.5mi

Weekend Recap:

It was my first Memorial Day Weekend in 11 years that I didn’t have to work AT ALL. Can I tell you how nice that is?! It is SO NICE. Zero stress. No phone calls from pool managers wondering where something is. Not worrying about random things coming out of water slides. No understaffed shifts. It was GREAT.

After my run on Saturday, I went to my parents to wash and clean-out my car. I realized after I felt a literal burning on my back that I hadn’t put sunscreen on AT ALL that day. Which, to me, is crazy, because sunscreen has been my BFF since I completed my round on Accutane. So I spent my weekend as a lobstah.

I spent most of Sunday at my parents with my grandparents and 4 of my sisters for Caitlin’s birthday. We got Portillos, had ice cream cake, went for a boat-ride… some fun #MemorialDay thingz. That evening, Matt and I watched The Leftovers – gotta say, I’m not happy that this is the final season! If you aren’t already watching this show, START. Now. Right now.

Monday was a pretty good day: Matt and I went to breakfast and drove up to Woodman’s for some cheap cheap CHEAP groceries! We both got pretty much the exact same breakfast: a veggie skillet (hash browns, lotsa veggies, some bacon, 2 eggs), with 2 blueberry pancakes. OMG delicious. All blueberry everything.ย  When we got home, we both took a nap, and then my mom stopped by the house on her way home from a friends lake house. Dinner was AMAZING and will definitely be shared later this week: Mango Habanero Chicken! YUM!

Be sure to tune in next Monday for this weeks training log & the road to Chicago!

What did you do this weekend?

It’s officially summer… any fun plans?!