Weekly Workouts + Daily Eats

Hello & happy Monday, friends! Today doesn’t feel as Mondayish as most Monday’s do because I’ve got just a 4-day work week ahead of me! I’m jetting off to NYC (first-timer!) with Matt so we can check out the city and cheer on his brother at the NYC Marathon. I think I’m most excited to a) eat the food (pizza, bagels, y’know), b) see some of the most touristy-spots in the world, and c) hopefully I’ll run into a NYC housewife (Dorinda, Bethenny, and Lu are at the top of my list).

Anyway… I am officially down 3.3 pounds in about the same amount of weeks so that’s nice. I guess this whole working out + feeding myself nutritious food + actually caring about calorie counts helps. Who knew? Oh, me. I knew.

Let’s get back into the Weekly Workouts, yeah? Yeah.


  • Monday – 3 treadmill miles (boy, that was rough)
  • Wednesday – 4 miles at a local forest preserve & it was the perfect evening for that! The temps were cool, the sun was shining, and the trail was so nice!
  • Thursday – 4 miles at the Lakefront Trail. Matt & I left work a few hours early so we took full advantage of the extra sunshine 🙂
  • Saturday – 6 miles in the evening. There was an Ultramarathon on the trail today and it was really cool to see all of the 50K and 50M runners!
  • Sunday – 3 miles along the lake.

Lifting & Other Things:

  • Monday – We finally joined a gym close to work so after our run, we did a quick leg workout. Who knew that just 3 movements would make it hard for me to get in and out of the car?
    • 4×10/leg weighted lunges & I eventually moved to unweighted because DAMN it. has. been. a. while.
    • 3×12 leg extensions
    • 3×10 lying hamstring curls
  • Friday – I think I’m still feeling Friday’s workout 😉
    • 3×10 incline dumbbell bench press
    • SS 3×10 later & forward dumbbell raises
    • SS 4×10 chest flyes + rear delt flyes
    • 3×10 shoulder press & I am officially weak AF now
    • Hella (for me) core work: planks, twists

What I Eat in a Day:

Sunday, like most Sundays, was for getting ready for the week ahead. I’m also usually out of most groceries by Sunday so mealtimes, until I get to the grocery store, are just whatever I can scrape together from the fridge.

  • Breakfast (9AM): a bagel sandwich with an egg, deli turkey, and a slice of Havarti cheese along with some grapes. And coffee. Always coffee.
  • Lunch (1PM): A pollo asado burrito from Trader Joe’s – it’s so quick to warm up and it’s only 300 calories (for half, which is the serving size)! It’s not too heavy, like most burritos (especially store-bought), but it’s definitely enough food to hold me over until dinner. 
  • Dinner: I was craving some vegetables + spice for dinner but didn’t want to have to think in the kitchen. So, naturally, I made Korean Beef with stir fry veggies and rice. This is my go-to meal when I need something easy, healthy, and homemade because I’ve always got the ingredients in my fridge or pantry!
  • Dessert: One of my chocolate chip cookies!