Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday: Stick to a Schedule!

Hey everyone! Welcome back for another Wellness Wednesday! As I said on Monday, I’m 4 weeks out from the Chicago Marathon! CUH-RAZYYY! In keeping up with the Marathon theme, the next few Wellness Wednesday posts will be all about marathon prep! Today’s topic: how to stick to a schedule!

If you know me, you know that I like to have things planned and am not very good at ~going with the flow. Like, unless I’m on a beach vacation, I like to have most of my days planned out! I also stick to roughly the same weekly schedule with few variations. Monday – Friday = work, run, dinner & maybe a show. Saturday & Sunday = run, chores & errands, maybe something fun in the evening (a restaurant, movie night, an event). I know, how boring. Live a little!

Stick to a Schedule!

Well, the truth is, sticking to a schedule is really important when training for a marathon. As I stated the last few weeks (1, 2), recovery is just as important as actually doing the run. When you’ve got your days planned, you know when you’re going to sleep every night and when you’re waking up. Aside from the sleep and rest aspect of scheduling, having a schedule helps you know when you’re going to be running! You’re less likely to skip out on training if you not only plan for it, but if your mind is ready for it as well.

For example, I know that I’m going to be running around 6PM every workday and around 8AM on the weekends. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Sure, there are some (a lot!) of days when running after work is just the absolute worst but it’s a part of the schedule so it needs to be done.

So, how do I (do my best to) stick to my schedule?
  • Work your schedule with somebody! I’m really lucky that Matt is running the marathon this year as well. There’s something to be said about somebody going through the same things you’re going through. And I must say, we make quite the team! We both work the same hours and commute to work together (so that’s fun!) so if one of us (usually me – guilty!) decides to sleep in for 5 more minutes, the other gets up to make coffee & start breakfast (Matt). Then, after our runs, whoever gets home earlier starts dinner (usually me – my plan has me running less miles than Matt). After dinner, we prepare our lunches for the next day, catch up on some TV, and chill, only to start it all over again the next day. While I fully admit that this schedule does get boring and repetitive, it works for us for now.
  • Write it down! I also use a Bullet Journal to jot down my daily tasks and future projects – this helps me stay focused on my goals, do the things I need to do, and work on my projects like this here blog! I even jot down laundry time, meals for the week, and when my favorite TV shows are on (can’t wait for TGIT!!). My bullet journal helps me stay efficient, for sure! I have tried to use apps on my phone but I’m definitely a pen & paper gal – do what works for you!
  • Learn to say no! This is a big one. Maybe your friends want you to go out on Saturday night and you know that if you say yes, you’ll be out until the wee hours of Sunday morning. And you won’t get the sleep you need. Ask yourself: do I want to do this? Will this compromise my goals? If you don’t want to do it, say no. If it will compromise your goals, say no. Obviously, there are times when friends come before training but this late in the game, sleep comes first! Of course, the way I prioritize my time will differ from you.