What I Eat Wednesday

Hey gang. Welcome to WHAT I EAT WEDNESDAY. Don’t know what that is?! STAY TUNED.

So, the other day I was watching some YouTube channel and somebody actually made (several) “full day of eating” videos. And most of these videos were all the same. *Insert meal-prep service here* *Insert protein bar there* Did I say there are several of these videos? I meant dozens. DOZENS! How many different variations of those videos can there be before viewers tune out? Apparently… a lot.

Because of this, I was inspired. Inspired by the lack of creativity and variety in these videos. I mean, what’s inspiring about a bunch of people sponsored by meal prep companies eating pre-prepared meals (that they didn’t pay for)? Not a whole lot. I’ve been inspired to create my own little WIEW (What I Eat Wednesday) and share some of the foods I eat throughout the day. Some days are definitely healthier than others but I like to think I have a pretty balanced diet: fruits, veggies, protein sources, carbohydrates, and a mixture of fat sources.


Breakfast is usually something quick and easy to eat in the car. If I’m not running in the morning, I’m getting as much sleep as possible so breakfast is the last thing on my mind. Well, that’s a lie. I LOVE BREAKFAST. It’s my favorite meal. During the week, however, it’s eaten in the car.

This week, my breakfast has been a cup of coffee + a Quest Bar. I know, I know. A protein bar. But it keeps me from gnawing my arm off until my snack time. Yes, I designate a snack time for myself. I’m 4.


I became a recent fan of nuts (almonds) + cheese + dried cranberries. OH. MY. GOD. What a combo. Thanks Matt (I know you’re reading this). The fats from the almonds + cheese = SATIETY. And the cranberries provide a necessary sweetness.


I tend to keep things stupid easy for lunch: sandwich with some deli meat. a piece of cheese (whatever I have on hand), a lil bit (not a lot baby girl just a lil biiiit) of Miracle Whip (don’t forget the tangy zip), and a handful of spinach. Because you know, you need them greens. Along with my sammy, I throw in some fruit, whatever is cheap at the grocery store, a yogurt cup, and some of those pretzel thins that I LOVE SO MUCH


If I’m running after work, I gotta have a snack. And since I’m usually in the car on my way home from work, again, it has to be something easy to handle and eat. So, I try to grab a banana when I’m on my way out of the house in the morning. Do I always remember? Definitely not. If I forget, I’ll save one of my lunch foods for snack-time.


By the time I get home from work and my run, the last thing I want to do is cook. Occasionally, I’ll do a meal-prep batch of some meats and veggies over the weekend to hold me through the week but recently? I’ve been really busy (and subsequently, tired) on weekends so I haven’t been on my A-game. Or even my B-game.

I try to keep things easy for dinner so what I’ve been doing this week is a lot of teriyaki chicken, rice, and steamed veggies. Under 30 minutes. Healthy. Minimal mess. I actually shared this meal the other day – you can view it here!